Joann Ginal for Colorado

In November 2012, you helped Colorado Democrats retake the majority in the State House of Representatives by investing in my campaign, and I can’t thank you enough.  Because of your dedication, hard work, and generous contributions to our team we were able to defeat the entrenched and out-of-touch GOP and make real progress for Colorado.

As you know, we had an historic legislative term these last two years:

  • We made Civil Unions for our LGBT friends and neighbors a reality so that every loving couple in Colorado has the same legal rights as everyone else.
  • We have recently reinvested $110 million in our K-12 classrooms and another $100 million in our colleges and universities, along with capping tuition increases.
  • We passed more job training and economic development bills than any session in memory, and targeted real resources toward Colorado’s small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • We crafted numerous methods to help our state recover from the unprecedented fires and floods of 2012-13.  There were 17 bills to help disaster victims.
  • We passed Colorado ASSET so that all Colorado kids can afford a higher education, regardless of immigration status.
  • We worked on new veteran legislation, such as expanding the Military Family Relief Fund to include our National Guard members (and their families) who are activated by the state of Colorado.
  • We continued to find real solutions to assist our developmentally disabled community, such as cutting wait times for crucial services.

We need to keep the majority in the House to continue to defeat extreme and out-of-touch legislation, which would overturn all the hard work we did in the last two years.

I am honored to serve you as a Colorado State Representative, and humbled to have been part of the hard-working caucus that passed groundbreaking and historical legislation. However, I cannot do this without you- we’re all in this together, and what matters to you, matters to me. Together, we can continue to bring forth progress and real-world solutions to the challenges we face, and ensure that Colorado will be stronger for generations to come. To help me get back to the capitol and continue to be your voice, your continued support for our campaign is vital.  For more information, sign up for my newsletter, sign up to help volunteer, or check out the donate section of my page.