Joann Ginal for Colorado

Last November, you helped Colorado Democrats retake the majority in the State House of Representatives by investing in my campaign, and I can’t thank you enough.  Because of your dedication, hard work, and generous contributions to our team we were able to defeat the entrenched and out-of-touch GOP and make real progress for Colorado.

As you know, we had an historic legislative session this year:

  • We made Civil Unions for our LGBT friends and neighbors a reality so that every loving couple in Colorado has the same legal rights as everyone else.
  • We reinvested over $150 million in our K-12 classrooms and over $35 million in our colleges and universities.
  • We passed more job training and economic development bills than any session in memory, and retargeted real resources toward Colorado’s small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • We passed Colorado ASSET so that all Colorado kids can afford a higher education, regardless of immigration status.
  • Our caucus also made real progress on gun safety legislation after the tragedies in Aurora and Newtown, passing a universal background check and a law to keep guns out of the hands of violent domestic abusers.

The untold story of the 2013 session, however, is about the same, old, bad ideas that the GOP has brought for a decade, which we stopped cold. Republicans introduced four separate bills to criminalize common birth control methods and put the government in control of women’s health care.  They brought bills to remove the requirement for a background check and a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and another bill to put more guns in our schools.  They brought bills to cut millions from our schools and instead give big tax breaks to special interests and corporations.

We need to keep the majority in the House to continue to defeat extremist legislation

I am honored to serve Colorado as a state representative, and humbled to have been part of the caucus that passed groundbreaking and historical legislation. I appreciate your continued support for our campaign.