The 71st General Assembly is back in session, until May 10th.   I am serving as the Chair of the Health, Insurance and Environment Committee.   I also serve on the Public Health and Human Services and Transportation and Energy Committees. It has proven to be a very busy and active legislative session and I am looking forward to continuing to work hard for Colorado.

Colorado is still outpacing the nation in economic growth and in job creation. However, we know that not everyone is benefiting from this growth, so our efforts during the 2018 legislative session will continue to focus on providing opportunities to Colorado’s middle class.

There will also be a wide variety of major issues coming up in our 2018 session.  Here are some of the topics:

  • Continued Implementation of Health Care Reform
  • Colorado’s Water Plan
  • Marijuana Edibles

I look forward to doing the best job I can as your State Representative from House District 52.  Thank you for re-electing me to be the “voice” for everyone in Fort Collins and Colorado.  It is an honor and a privilege I take very seriously. To stay up to date, sign up for my newsletter and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I’m here to serve you. Please contact me at any time to share your opinions as I work to make our district a better place to live and work. Call me at (303) 866-4569 or email me at joann.ginal.house@state.co.us

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  1. Thank you for the town hall Saturday. I attended, though did not speak.

    Issues I am passionate about include:
    State/County child welfare system
    1. Require due process protections in child protection cases, or do away with civil court cases. Require accountability when caseworkers fabricate allegations, violate the Constitution and ignore laws; A “Do No Harm to Families” policy for example;
    2. Fundamental rights of fit parents in care and upbringing of their children, to be codified, recognized and upheld in Colorado;
    3. Accountability when departments fail to make reasonable efforts to preserve families (Title IV-E funding is paid but not earned). Less funding and support of foster/adoption, more on family preservation. Recognition that human trafficking victims come right out of the foster care system.

    Judicial Justice –
    1. Changes to Judicial Performance Committee evaluations and ratings of judges for retention;
    2. Honest Judges – disciplinary actions, founded complaints and criminal records disclosed to public;

    Criminal Justice System
    1. Equitable funding for public defenders;
    2. Prosecutors and law enforcement investigators must use ethical practices and be accountable for breaches of law, policy and integrity in order to gain convictions; evaluate use of unreliable informants and the impact on charging innocent parties;
    3. Eliminate mandatory drug and other felony sentencing minimums.


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