As your State Representative, one of my top priorities is building and supporting a healthy economy and job market for all Coloradans. While the economic forecast for the first half of 2014 showed that Colorado’s recovery is gaining traction, there is still plenty of room to grow. I believe that by supporting Colorado workers and attracting new business opportunities to our state we will lead the way to economic success. I work hard to support initiatives that are aimed at accelerating economic recovery.

Immediately upon arriving at the legislature, I supported numerous bills aimed at jump-starting our economy. Such measures in 2013 included the “Advanced Industries Acceleration Act”, which encourages entrepreneurs by increasing access to capital and investments they need to continue to drive our economy. The “Colorado Careers Act of 2013” was another key piece of legislation we were proud to deliver, which affords more career training and job skills development for people who might still be in need of work. I voted for other crucial jobs legislation as well, with goals of increasing small business development, keeping jobs here in Colorado, as well as making sure that our employees are not subject to workplace discrimination.

For the 2014 legislative session, I continued to support measures that will ensure job growth and economic activity, as well as attract new businesses to our beautiful state. We expanded funding for the “Advanced Industries Act”, boosted our export economy, crafted new small business tax credits, and extended transitional job programs to find work for Coloradans who are still unemployed or underemployed.

I remain steadfast and committed to making sure Colorado will be a leader of job creation. It is also important that these are  good-paying, sustainable jobs that remain here in our state. To this end, I have been sponsoring bills such as 2015’s Senate Bills 26 & 28 (which deal with Fire & Police Pension reforms) and 2016’s Senate Bill 77, which help laid “Employment First” principles in this state for its citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities.