Jobs & Employment Rates

As your representative I work hard to support a healthy economy for all Coloradoans. With the employment rate of Colorado at over 97% and the economy experiencing rapid growth, supporting Colorado workers and attracting new businesses will go hand-in-hand with addressing labor shortages. Many job sectors such as construction and health care are expanding and I will continue working to advance this growth through legislative initiatives.

Trade Crafts

The successes of Colorado in growing its population have generated shortages in key tradecraft areas such as construction. Supporting the expansion of education for apprentice crafts and trade schools will do much to alleviate shortages in key jobs markets. I will work to support education programs that produce teachers, students, and eventually workers in trade crafts throughout Colorado.

Senior Employment

As an increasingly attractive location for older citizens, Colorado has a large population of seniors who work. As your representative I will work hard to support initiatives that help our seniors address their needs in the workforce. From healthcare to transportation, the needs of our senior workers are important and their efforts have helped make Colorado as prosperous as it is today. Colorado is also a great place to retire, in part due to its outdoor and cultural opportunities.  Seniors play a very important role in our community.  Volunteering and contributing to the community is a crucial part of retirement and growing older.  The “baby boom” generation has a lifetime of experience, wealth, and knowledge that can be harnessed to create a positive change in our community.


The highways and byways of Colorado form the lynchpin of many markets in the state. Commuter distances in the state can be vast, and having good infrastructure will be a key factor sustaining and growing the economy of our state. Advancing the state of our infrastructure through new construction, improvement of existing roads, and mass transportation initiatives will produce benefits for Coloradoans of every kind and I will work to support legislation that produces positive effects for the infrastructure and economy of Colorado.