Health Care

State of Healthcare in Colorado

The state of healthcare in the United States is experiencing a moment of massive change. With Republicans likely to force a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, almost 600,000 Coloradoans are projected to lose coverage by 2019. Furthermore the state would lose over $33 billion in federal subsidies as the Medicaid expansion ends, raising the price for uncompensated care while burdening state and local governments with bearing this cost.


Medicaid and Medicare

Medicaid is government health care coverage for adults and children in low-income families. Medicare is government health coverage for senior citizens. In Colorado there are about 1.5 million people on Medicaid, roughly over one quarter of the state’s population. The expansion of Medicare and Medicaid will continue to see these programs funded through the Hospital Provider Fee until 2020. As your representative I will work hard to legislate in favor of Coloradoans on Medicaid and Medicare.


The ACA Repeal and AHCA

The impact of a repeal of the ACA upon middle-income and low-income Americans will be dire, especially in rural areas where hospitals depend heavily on subsidies. The closing of rural hospitals would force many Coloradoans to drive long distances for emergency and specialty care, a problem that will also be greatly magnified for people with disabilities and the elderly. The Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, called the American Health Care Act, will enable insurers to limit annual and lifetime coverage as well as raise the price of insurance for older customers by as much as five times as much as younger customers. Further, with the bill still being written, the likelihood of even harsher cuts and allowances remains. As your representative I will work hard to protect and improve the healthcare systems in our state to ensure that Coloradoans can continue to get the care they need.