Health Care

Access to quality health care is a fundamental human need. As one of my own personal passions, improving health care for Colorado is a top priority. In the state house I am committed to protecting and improving access to quality healthcare. Our nation is in the midst of a drastic transformation for our health care system and it is important to ensure that Colorado is leading the way in that change. By supporting comprehensive changes to our health care delivery system, Colorado will be able to guarantee better healthcare access, quality, and lower cost.

This past session I was the prime sponsor to several bills concerning improving health care in our state. I created legislation that improves consumer protection when making choices of health care providers.  SB 13-277 “Prior Authorization Process for Drug Benefits” of which I was House Sponsor provides one standard form for prior authorization of patient’s medication.  This will allow prescribers to use the same form for all insurance carriers, saving them and their patients, as well as carriers, time and money.    Two consecutive bills,  HB 13-1111 and SB 13-215 created a new system of regulation for alternative health care providers, which will allow consumers to make more informed decisions. In addition, I was the House sponsor on Senate bill 277 that improves the availability and quality of care for patients needing stroke/STEMI medical attention.  Improving our health care system will continue be a top priority while I represent House District 52 and the State of Colorado in the 2014 legislative session and beyond.