Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in our nation. It is full of precious natural resources that must be utilized as well as protected in order to ensure a sustainable future for our state. Our state is fortunate to have abundant renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. I believe that by expanding opportunities for renewable energy we can expand economic opportunities, create more jobs, and decrease our states energy impact.  I will continue to support legislation that continues to foster renewable sources and technology.

In addition to empowering the development of renewable energy I believe that we are at a critical time in our state’s history in regards to natural gas and hydraulic fracturing. Natural gas is an abundant and profitable resource in our state.  Its development is growing quickly on the Front Range.  However, at the end of the day, good health is our best investment.  It is crucial that we first ensure the methods and potential health effects of extracting natural gas are carefully examined and monitored before drilling is done on the Front Range. The health of my constituents is a top priority.   During the last session, I introduced a bill, HB 14-1297, that would have ordered a health data analysis on the health effects of communities where hydraulic fracturing is taking place.   Unfortunately the bill has not passed yet, but I have not given up on it.

Alongside energy issues, I’ve also sponsored a wide range of bills over the years from protecting endangered animals from trafficking (HB16-1341) to guarding against solar flares and natural or manmade electromagnetic pulses) (HB15-1363).