By investing in Colorado’s K-12 and higher education we can guarantee a better future for both our children and our state. I will continue to support advancing curriculum that prepares students for higher education and future careers. In order to do that we must invest in our schools and our teachers so we can ensure the best learning environment is available for all Colorado students.

I am proud to represent a community that is home to one of our country’s best universities. I am also an alumnus of C.S.U. where I earned my doctorate. It is important that we continue to support students when they enter in to higher education by ensuring that they have the financial tools they need as well as the academic support required while in school.  Also, that there are more ways to reduce the debt incurred when they graduate.

During the 2013 session we produced several laws that will ensure Colorado students have optimal opportunity available. I supported the improvement of 2008 BEST program, which will continue to make improvements to our states older schools. I also sponsored the “Breakfast After the Bell Nutrition Program” that will provide a free breakfast for eligible students. By supporting students with a meal, they will be energized for the day and be more prepared to learn. I was very proud to support the ASSET bill as well. Under ASSET, students of undocumented parents who have attended Colorado high school for more than 3 years and are in good standing will be eligible for in-state tuition at our public universities.

The year 2014 provided an opportunity to reinvest in our children, as well as our higher education system. I was pleased to have supported the bi-partisan Student Success Act, which reinvested $110 million (that was lost during the recession due to decreased revenue) back into our state’s public education system, giving some much-needed relief to our school districts. Additionally, at the collegiate level, I was proud to have helped pass the College Affordability Act, which aims to keep college accessible for Colorado families. This legislation capped tuition increases at 6%, and invested an additional $100 million into Colorado’s colleges. We didn’t stop with college, though, as we also were able to create a grant program for adult education and literacy training to help under- and unemployed Coloradans gain skills they need to find a job.