HB15-1029 Health Care Delivery Via Telemedicine Statewide  Signed by Governor 3/20/2015 

  • removes the population restrictions and stops a health benefit plan from requiring in ­person care delivery when telemedicine is appropriate, regardless of the geographic location of the health care provider and the recipient of care.
  • expands access and quality of healthcare for everyone in Colorado
  • bipartisan bill

HB15-1075 Registered Naturopathic Doctor Treating Children Signed by Governor 3/26/2015 

  • allows a registered Naturopathic Doctor (ND) to treat children under two years of age, if the ND meets the requirements set under certain guidelines
  • sets the stage for collaborative care between registered NDs and licensed pediatric healthcare providers
  • expands the parent’s options for healthcare providers and services

HB15-1135 Death with Dignity Postponed Indefinitely in House Committee on Public Healthcare & Human Services 

  • would have affirmed the right of a qualified, terminally ill adult to obtain a prescription from their physician for medication that they may choose to self­ administer for a humane and dignified death.
  • Postponed Indefinitely in the House Public Health and Human Services Committee

HB15-1147 Require License To Practice Genetic Counseling Postponed Indefinitely in Senate Committee on Business, Labor, & Technology

  • Currently in Colorado there is no standardized set of requirements that define a healthcare provider as capable of preforming genetic counseling services
  • This bill will require a license to practice Genetic Counseling, and allow for regulation under DORA
  • promotes a quality, integrated healthcare approach to genetic counseling and will expand the access to genetic counseling services for many Coloradans

HB15-1232 Emergency Use Of Epinephrine Auto-injectors Signed by Governor on  5/14/2015 

  • promotes the use of emergency epinephrine auto-injectors, or EPI Pens, by trained individuals in non-school settings
  • allows places, such as workplaces, recreation facilities, or government buildings to keep an emergency public access station (EPAS) equipped with EPI Pens

HB15-1269 Transfer Persons to and from Correctional Facility Signed by Governor 4/24/2015 

HB15-1297 Optometrist Health Insurance Contracts Failed on House Floor 

HB15-1309 Protective Restorations by Dental Hygienists Signed by Governor 6/5/2015 

HB15-1327 Limit Proxy Marriages to Military & Contractors Signed by Governor 5/27/2015 

HB15-1352 Naturopathic Doctor Formulary Changes Signed by Governor 6/5/2015

HB15-1360 Acupuncturists Practice Injection Therapy Signed by Governor 6/5/2015 

HB15-1363 Infrastructure Resistance to EMP & Solar Flare Postponed Indefinitely in House Committee on Transportation & Energy 


Co-Sponsored Bills

HB15-1003 Fund Safe Routes to School Program Postponed Indefinitely in Senate Committee on  State, Veterans, & Military Affairs 

HB15-1013 South Platte Aquifer Study Recommendations Signed by Governor 5/29/2015 

HB15-1018 Protecting Seniors from Elder Abuse Postponed Indefinitely in Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs 

HB15-1043 Felony Offense for Repeat DUI Offenders Signed by Governor 6/1/2015 

HB15-1277 Species Conservation Trust Fund Projects Signed by Governor 5/22/2015 

HB15-1344 Fund National Western Center & Capitol Complex Projects Signed by Governor 5/20/2015 

SB15-014 Medical Marijuana Signed by Governor 5/18/2015 

SB15-071 Pharm. Substitute Interchangeable Biological Drug Signed by Governor 4/3/2015 

SB15-197 Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriptive Authority Signed by Governor 5/18/2015

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