Right to Try Act (HB14-1281) 
• Allows increased access to investigational treatments for terminally ill patients 
• Bipartisan bill
• First state in the nation to pass this bill, others are following
Colorado Dental Regulations (HB14-1227)
• Rep. Ginal sponsored the renewal of the state’s dental regulations 
• Worked with dentists & dental hygienists to get a safe, solid, & agreeable framework in place
Synchronize multiple prescriptions (HB14-1359)
• Allows for seniors/people with chronic conditions to get their prescriptions filled simultaneously
• Increases adherence & convenience- now just one trip to pharmacy for prescriptions
Rural Residency Programs (SB14-144) 
• Looks for ways to attract more doctors to underserved & rural areas of Colorado
• Increase healthcare access.
Breathalyzers for Law Enforcement (HB14-1310)
• Purchases more breathalyzers for law enforcement agencies throughout the state to conduct DUI roadsides
Oil & Gas health risk analysis (HB14-1297)
• Would direct state health department to conduct health effects analysis of oil & gas drilling operations
• Seeks objective, non-biased facts & allow communities to make decisions.
Veterans Assistance Grant Program (HB14-1205)
• Creates grant program for non-profits or govt. agencies that provide services to veterans
Military Family Relief Fund Eligibility (HB14-1277)
• Expands Military family relief fund to include National guard members who were activated for state duty