Regulation of Naturopathic Doctors (HB13-1111)

• Recognizes and regulates Naturopathic Doctors in the state of Colorado

• Sets a standard for NDs to be able to practice

Alternative Health Consumer Protection (SB13-215)

• Provides important safeguards and disclosures between regulated and non-regulated alternative health providers and practitioners.

• Defines what practices can be performed and by whom, depending on credentials

Stroke & Heart Attack Victim Quality of Care (SB13-225)

• Designates hospitals based on their ability to receive heart attack and stroke patients

• Will provide for better care for patients based on capabilities of treatment centers

Prior Authorization Drug Benefit Process (SB13-277)

• Streamlines process by which doctors can submit prescription drug benefit information to insurers

• Saves patients & doctors time and money

Regulation of Insurance Adjusters (HB13-1062)

• Requires adjusters to be licensed by the state

• Protects citizens from deceptive adjusters

Electronic Renewal of Senior identification Card (SB13-004)

• Allows seniors over 65 to electronically renew their drivers’ license

• More convenience for seniors